Our Commitment

As a brand born at a time when fighting for Climate Change & Social Justice is part of the younger generation’s DNA, we felt it was our duty to be more aligned with these values & show our support to the next generations by providing them with a brand that suits their visions.

At vivi, we are committed to understanding our negative impacts as a brand and working towards lowering them, with the ultimate aim of turning those impacts into more positive ones. We are firm believers in today’s younger generation & the fight against climate change & social justice – we not only want to create beautiful & high quality jewellery, we want to create positive change through its production. In launching vivi, we managed to recycle 40kg of 925 sterling silver which has ensured that no silver was directly mined as a virgin resource in order to produce our collection.

It is also about matching that beauty with more mindful practices – aiming to not harm our people & planet in the process.

That is why we have set out a Commitment Roadmap, that w ill help to guide us on this journey, always keeping in mind that the road of a sustainable journey is all about “progress & not perfection”.


We celebrate resources that are already above the ground. Our aim is to use sterling silver 925 that has already been mined & previously used for other purposes and now sits as a silver bullion in our suppliers safe.

To produce our first collections of our Classics Range, we managed to recycle & trade 40KG of Sterling Silver 925, avoiding 40KG from being mined.


Zircons, Semi Precious Gems, Diamonds and Fresh Water Pearls


No Allergens, No Nickel and Aligned with REACH eu substance restrictions

Minimising on Waste

All jewellery produced for vivi is done in small batches & limited amounts to avoid excessive waste. Any items that are not sold are then used for recycling. Once items have sold out we work with a “waitlist” system, to give us a better indication of demand, in order to minimise waste. All Artisanal brands also produce in small batches in their studios.

Supporting Local Talent

Vivi is more than just a brand, we are a community. Supporting & collaborating with local talent is something that we value highly. We believe that the best creations happen when different minds with aligned visions are put together.

Global Artisanal Communities

Artisanal communities from around the world are being threatened on the daily – with the currently highly saturated markets & the domination of mass production, artisan groups are more and more marginalised. We work with artisanal brands to break this current cycle, and instead make them more accessible to wider markets.